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  5. ADVERTISING POLICY. Any advertisements, advertorials, sponsored content, paid-for content and similar activity will be clearly marked as advertising content.
  6. EDITORIAL POLICY. Editorial content is not influenced by advertisers, affiliates, public relation firms, brands, or other individuals unless otherwise noted. Press samples submitted to us are for review are for consideration only and do not provide any guarantee of a favorable or unfavourable review, or any review whatsoever.
  7. REVIEW POLICY. The Authors always attempt to include any pertinent disclosures in a post. These are typical: a) ‘This review features press sample(s) sent for consideration.’. Brands, their representatives (such as their public relations firms, marketing affiliates, and the like), and retailers will send a product for consideration. Consideration means that the product is submitted to us so we can check it out and determine whether it is a product we want to include on the blog. We make all decisions regarding when, how, and if it is even mentioned on the blog. We do not accept compensation for our product reviews. b) ‘This review features product(s) purchased by Duette HM Design for review’. To distinguish from posts that feature a product submitted by a brand for consideration, we also have a disclosure for when we have purchased the item ourselves. C) ‘This is a sponsored post’. Sponsored posts are specific posts that we have been compensated for. There are also sponsored giveaways, where the compensation may be in the form of prizes and/or financial compensation for exposure.
  8. AFFILIATE LINKS. We use affiliate links where the retailer gives us a commission if you click and purchase.The majority of links to third-party retail websites are affiliate links. We only receive commission if you purchase the product through the link. It does not add any cost to you as the customer. The commission comes out of the retailer’s pocket, and the commission can range from as little as 1% to as much as 10% depending on the retailer, campaign, product type, etc. For many of our affiliates, if a product is returned, the commission is returned as well.
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